Photo from 1899 of new building

Photo scan of the commonly called 1898 building in early 1899. The building was contracted by Frank Lockwood & Smith and the agreement was signed Nov. 19, 1898 for the sum of Twenty Nine thousand dollars. The building contractor was The Southern Building Company. The contact stated the roof would be on by the 19th of March and the completed building by the 19th of April. The Janey company from Montgomery supplied all iron needed in the construction.

This was a good quality scan made by the Alabama Department of History from a Merrill Pratt Photo Album. The photo shows the 1853 building in the background with the signage Daniel Pratt’s Cotton Gin Manufactory. The wooden letters “ORY” were given to the Prattaugan Museum many years ago. Also in the photo is the 1848 and 1852 buildings to the right. You can zoom in the detail of this scan to see the Pratt house and the Mill village houses in the background. To the left near the trees you will see what looks to be a Brookwater steam engine and boiler used for a construction site belt shaft power source. Theses small steam engines where used for many applications even a wood saw or a single cotton gin stand. The foreground location of this photo shows us the roof of the Methodist Church. The Crow-Stepped Gable or Corble Step design of the brick roof line to the left and what looks to be slate roof shingles for the church. The front of the new construction you will see the beginning of the door archway with the later terracotta lettering for the Daniel Pratt Gin Company.

The Wheel Pit

The Continental Gin Company in Prattville was built by Daniel Pratt and was started in 1848. The power to run all the equipment at that time was water.  Not all the systems are still there but here are a few photos of what I have found and been able to photograph so far. I also am including a few Conjectural Reconstruction drawings of what the system was probably like.